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Thread: XTS 3000: Fail 43/82

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    Default XTS 3000: Fail 43/82

    xts3000 from a friend that was fail 1/82, wanted to retrieve original programming
    goofed around with various software, was able to force a good srec into the unit..
    then had the dumb idea to "create a codeplug" with lab and push it in..
    now i get a fail 34/85 which tells me its completly bricked...
    any attempt to force a plug or screc into the radio fail on block 1 ...
    swaped vocons, same thing, so that tells me bad controller board.
    is there a way to low level flash or program the board without desoldering?

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    Nope. Been there, done that myself, back in my early days of ASTRO. This is a hard-brick. Requires hardware intervention. (Or very special software + SRIB (to bootload))

    If you require assistance with this, send me an email to mars AT Otherwise, if you have the hardware tools, you can take a good S-record and dump it back onto the 32K EEPROM. It must be completely erased beforehand.