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Thread: Astro Spectra: requirements to run AES UCM without issue

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    Default Astro Spectra: requirements to run AES UCM without issue

    I am posting this for the good of the community as well as to ensure I am correct and clarify where I am not:
    To run AES UCMs on an Astro Spectra successfully, one needs the following minimums:
    1. Command Board with one of these:
    A. 2003 or newer board identified by a C in the 5th position of the serial number
    B. 2001 or 2002 command board with modifications of two components, one removed from RF Board and one from Command Board. These radios have an A or B in 5th position of serial number
    2. Firmware and DSP last version made by Motorola.
    3. Hardware Multikey with or without OTAR in Flashcode Optionset.

    I will repost what I u destined to be the minimum Firm and DSP, if incorrect please advise.


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    Here are the requirements for a triple-algorithm UCM (and AES-256) to operate in the ASTRO Spectra:

    - Firmware must be R11.08.00 or newer;
    - Radio must have multikey feature (but ONLY if the UCM is multi-algo. A single-algo AES will work fine without multikey)

    The command board mods are not required, unless you experience random fail 01/90 or 09/10 during normal operation of the radio.

    The host firmware of >R11.08.00 is a requirement as older host firmware does not know WTF the algorithm ID for AES-256 is, nor does it have provisioning for "KG3". Most (all?) multi-algo UCMs which contain AES-256, will have AES-256 in slot three, so DES-OFB/DES-XL will still be recognized in a radio with older firmware.

    Also: There is no AES-256 support in the R10.xx.xx ASTRO25 Digital Trunking firmware.