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Thread: HT1000, MT2000 and HT1250 Help Needed

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    Default HT1000, MT2000 and HT1250 Help Needed

    MT2000 VHF Top Display Model # H01KDD9AA4AN
    Only half the display working, having RX problems.

    MT2000 UHF Top Display Model # H01SDD9AA4AN
    Mic on radio not working, No speaker mic connection.

    HT1000 UHF Model # H01SDC9AA3DN
    RX but Speaker not working, Connector port not working, no mic, no programming.

    HT1250 VHF Ltd Keypad Model # AAH25KDF9AA5AN
    No Power, Radio DEAD

    HT1250 VHF Ltd Keypad Model # AAH25KDF9AA5AN
    Everything works, Back Light not lighting up.
    Yes, I checked the settings, Back light is suppose to be working.

    Any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

    Inland Empire, CA
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    A great place to start is the Service Manual section of our forum. Motorola fails at quite a few things these days, but their service manuals are top-notch for the most part and the troubleshooting charts and theory-of-operation sections will greatly assist you in fixing these radios.

    Always suspect mechanical failures at first. Bad flex cables/grounds, corroded connectors, water damage or cracked/damaged PCBs or flex connectors. Mechanical parts are far more prone to failure than the electronics.

    Failing anything obvious with the mechanics, start by tracing the current as it comes into the radio. Check the internal fuses (very small surface-mount) and reverse-polarity protection diodes.

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    2 and 3 bad flex on front cover. Its not seated or cracked when changed out.