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APX TIB and related parts crossreference.


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Feb 4, 2012
Recently I have been seeing a few posts about converting APX mobiles to or from dashmount configuration. The biggest issue is what parts are needed to do this. I started this thread so members can list the parts and head configurations.

This is a copy of parts from a post on this site:

EDITED to just the part Numbers
E5 Remote Mount
E5 remote head kit = H1936 (Complete Kit with parts below)
Flex TIB to BRICK = PA002555A01
Flex CHIB to CTL CH = PA002638A01
TIB = PMUN1083A (KIT = PHLN1004A) *Not sure what the difference is, maybe kit comes with the gaskets and screws*
CH Bracket = HKN6186A

E5 Dash Mount
E5 remote to dash kit, APX8500 = H1924 (Complete Kit with parts below)
Flex Brick to CTL CH = PA002534A01 (E5) PA001123A01 (O5) PA001123A02 (O2/O7)
Power Cable = HKN4191B
Accessory/Ignition Sense Cable = HLN6863B
Screw Kit (2) = 0334332H02
APX8500 Dust Cover Kit = KT000245A01/KT000246A01
Rear Port Cover = HN000096A01

Thanks to member moetorola for the above information.

APX7500 remote mount using a O5 head
O5 head to CHIB flex = HKN6191A
CHIB = HLN 7013C
Control head power cable = HKN6188A or B
Control head to brick cable = HKN6169B
TIB = *No Part number seen on part
Brick to TIB = PHLN4002B

* Dashmount flex HKN6206_ O5 head
* Dashmount flex HKN6205_ O3 head
* Dashmount TIB PMUN1038 O3 head

O3 control head cable PMLN4958
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Feb 4, 2012
here are some apx8500 part numbers
Dashmount 8500 with O2, O5, O7 head
CHIB flex = PA001123A
O3 head to CHIB flex = HKN6191A (same part as for the 7500)