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APX6500 w/E5 remote head 21.64 fw loading issues


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Sep 22, 2012
In a previous thread I discussed the problems we were having with the E5 remote head locking up. Subsequently Motorola released a new firmware ver R21.64.00 and we have been loading that into the subscribers. Normally the firmware goes in just fine with a 3 step process, 1. Software loads successfully, 2. The radio cycles FL01-90/Maint Mode Remote device 2 times followed by flashzap bootloader, then updating 3. Reset requested followed up by updating secure HW.

Occasionally we get stuck in the 2nd process where it won't complete the FL01-90 and Maint Mode to Flashzap, the screen will go black we wait, try the power button many times, remove power to the yellow assy wire using the stack switch, power switch over and over and over and then finally it will take. This happens both in the car and on the bench as well.

We will reach out to Motorola again to request assistance with this problem but I wanted to see if that is what others are experiencing.