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ASTRO Spectra ASTRO25/APCO Trunking codeplug



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Dec 21, 2011
For anyone curious, attached is a ASTRO25 9600bps trunking codeplug from a 1M ASTRO Spectra radio. Firmware R10.72.00 / N08.03.05.

I have several of these which I'll be listing for sale, with accessories, this upcoming week.

Review the codeplug. If the ASTRO25 featureset works for you, be sure to drop me a note once I post the items. Note the ASTRO25 featureset supports Linear Simulcast Modulation (LSM, CQPSK). This means it blows the socks off scanner performance, on these types of digital simulcast systems.

I'm sure many of you have never seen a ASTRO25/9600 codeplug for the ASTRO Spectra before.

Requires ASTRO Spectra CPS R05.03.00 to open. (Available in the File Downloads area)

I'll also have ASTRO25/9600 XTS3000s available.


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