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BT-70 / BT-7X discontinued, an alternative exists



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May 19, 2019
If you really need a like-for-like replacement for the BT-70 or BT-7X battery, but found that this particular model has been discontinued, there is an alternative.
Get a BT-100 and unwrap the sticker covering. With a bit of encouragement, the battery assembly can be removed from the plastic frame. You'll find the battery consists of two Panasonic CGA553450XA cells in parallel. You can carefully separate off one battery and trim down the flexible PCB where it connected to the second battery. You will need to relocate one SMD fuse - it's pretty obvious when you have it apart what needs to move & where.
Meanwhile, you'll also need to trim the BT-100 plastic frame down to half height... doesn't have to be absolutely perfect, as replacing the sticker covering will hide your sins.
Just be very careful when handling / separating / soldering the battery assembly, you really don't want to short circuit an unfused li-ion cell.