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FPP with a XTS3000 M3 or XTS5000 M3 ??



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Jun 27, 2012
I am sure I know the answer to this but here it goes.

First I am looking for a XTS3000 M2 or M3 VHF or XTS5000 of the same. I have several 800Mhz units.

In looking at the M3 version of these units I have to ask myself if these can be programed to accept front panel programing ... I am a amateur radio enthusiast and have been looking for a solid VHF for local repeater access as well as direct communication. But I can't justify the price diference of the M2 v M3. The only practical use of a M3 would be DTMF doe EchoLink or private repeaters. I use EchoLink on my mobile and wouldn't use it on a portable.

Anyhow can anyone verify if (or what my gut says no) if these units can be set up for FPP ??

Thank you Jon


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Apr 26, 2012
The XTS3000 cannot do FPP at all. The XTS5000 can do FPP with the Q52 and Q53 options in the flashcode. You can also look at the XTS2500. It does FPP as well. It is also a little bit cheaper than an XTS5000.