I want to stream our simplex channel to the net while mobile



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Apr 17, 2012
Toying with an idea for a bike race
We are supplying all the comms, mainly simplex vhf and uhf
Want to stream 1 main simplex channel to the net along with a gps tracker showing exactly where we are

My plan was to feed a audio streamer box into a 3g router feeding to a shoutcast sever so people could log into that server for multiple connections with lots of bandwidth

As the comms van will travel across the state always in radio range and 95% telstra 3g coverage i thought it should work

This is a 5 day event just thought i could give it a crack

Anyone tried this sort of mobile feed ?

Thoughts appreciated


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Apr 3, 2013
I have never tried that but it sounds like that should work fairly well, especially since you only need low bandwidth audio for comms and GPS updates. Dynamic IP shouldn't be a problem either since your streamer box is the client in this config. Let us know how that works out and what equipment you used to provide the stream.

What are you planning to use for hardware for the GPS live tracker? I found this project which requires some doing: http://www.instructables.com/id/Real-Time-GPS-Tracker-with-Integrated-Google-Maps/#intro