Local Traffic on P25NX Connected Quantar


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Mar 20, 2014
I have had my machine up a little bit, and for the first time today, I noticed something about local traffic and P25NX. I always believed that when local traffic is present on the repeater, P25NX app notices that TG 1 is being used. This was reinforced by the fact that, once traffic on TG 1 ends, after the wait timer, the machine announces "Default Revert" and returns to the default TG, in my case, 10200. However, today, a local conversation was occurring on TG 1, but apparently there was traffic on 10200, and every time someone unkeyed their radio on TG 1, the 10200 Traffic was heard on the frequency. I figure I could probably eliminate hearing the 10200 traffic if I set Selective Squelch on my radios, but I wonder if there is a way to set things on the Quantar, or in the P25NX app, to stop the 10200 transmission on the repeater when the machine has been kicked over to TG 1.