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M1225 Out-of-band Power


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Feb 4, 2012
You can also try the poormans sniffer method. Its not super reliable but it can be used to sniff rf levels in this type of application.

Here is how it works. Terminate the radio into a dummy load or an antenna. The load/antenna needs to be as physically far from the analyzer as you can arrange. You do not want that radiated signal to saturate the analyzer. Next connect a short antenna to the analyzer input port as close to the radio as you can get. Next use a short piece of metal to probe the points you want to test. This metal will act like an antenna. The analyzer will show a spike from the probe it will be significantly stronger than the signal from the output due to the short antenna on the input to the analyzer and its proximity to the probe. You can then compare the levels of the spike from point to point. As I said this is not super accurate but it can tell you if a stage is amplifying or in this case the relive levels between the frequencies. The advantage of this is the probe is DC and AC neutral and will not significantly load down the test points for the duration's of your measurements.

Another thought occurs to me. We know moto is kind of lazy and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Maybe something like a maxtrac or other near generation radio uses almost the same PA diagram but with either a full VHF range or a split range? You may be able to use that to locate values you need to change?