Motorola EX600-XLS UHF- LCD Display Screen not illuminated with back light???? WHY??



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Hello Techs,
Wondering if anyone can advise why the LCD screen does not light up on my EX600 XLS 450-512mhz UHF radio?

Just some background, the LCD display would illuminate with no problem when I purchased the radio. Eventually after some time it would work intermittently and I would lightly banged the radio in my palm and it would come back on. Now it has stopped working all together.

The DTMF keypad lights up when turning the radio on or pressing one of the numerical keys, however the LCD screen display does NOT light up. I purcheased a new OEM Motorola Replacement LCD Display Module and installed it today and that did not solve the problem! The LCD display area is still not illuminated!!

Any help or advise would be appreciated since I am a medic and work at night and change channels frequenctly, the flashlight thing is getting old. (LOL) I would hate to take it to a shop, and have them charge me $200 bucks to replace part # xyz, when I cold of easily of done it myself and paid the home heating oil bill. If anyone knows what might be the correct part to purchase or why this is happening please email me or post to this board and forum. The radio is very easy to take apart and it appears all the boards are connected by ribbon connectors, just need to know which one I have to replace.
FYI: I can see all the numbers, letters, channels, options, menus, etc. It is just that the LCD display is not illuminated.

Thanks all