Need to figure out what version software used on my 51SL

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I have 51SL that was programmed up with a created codeplug and programmed by the Sys Admin for our local system I cant stand how they have the buttons and menus setup, but I cant do anything with it.

I have PC Configure versions 2.4.8 2.10.2 and 2.18.2 and none of them will work. 2.18.2 will read, but I cant write back.

I know I cant change anything in the Trunked sections and dont care to. But the way they have the radio setup is dumb.

Should I update the firmware to bring it up to date? Or just find the correct software. The radio functions just fine on the system.

Heres the lowdown on the radio.

File Format 5.10
DSP Software 4.13.1
Controller 4.14.3
Eeprom Version 1.0


if you update, they'll have trouble programming it if you ever give it back...

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