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NNTN8870A & MSI Charger Reprogrammer V 1.1.0



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Aug 20, 2018
With the original thread on the Motorola NNTN8870A closed, I thought that I'd post that this handy little
device works well with the MSI Charger Reprogrammer software to update Impres II SUC's.

I received my NNTN8870A a couple of days ago then downloaded and installed the MSI Charger Reprogrammer
software from MOL. Installation was a breeze and the application worked very well to verify that my existing
FW in the SUC was V 1.11 then allowed me to upgrade it to V 1.15 by automatic download directly from MSI
over the Internet.

I believe this same application works with the MUC adapter and chargers but haven't verified to confirm.
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