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Ok am I missing something on Trunking System/Personality/Zones needing so many? APX 7000V



So our radio shop creates a Trunking System in CPS for each type: Digital/Analog/Conventional/VHF. That I get. Then they create a Trunking Personality for each zone and only populate it with 16 talkgroups with mirror the 16 in the zones. So you have a Personality for EACH zone. They do the same thing on Conventional 7/8 groups/zones. In the VHF side, I just created one and put in 48 talkgroups and chose those in each of 4 zones? What am I missing? Seems like a tone of work to group like personalities? Confused I am! Thanks guys for the great support and responses in the past. This really is a great forum of experts! Joey


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Oct 7, 2012
Some people tie scan lists to zones... you need a different personality for a different scan list. Others just find it easier to have more of a 1:1 relationship.

I've seen radios programmed with one talkgroup per personality and one personality per system... so a 200 talkgroup radio would also have 200 systems and 200 personalities. Someone obviously had no clue...