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Tech Tip #2 - "catch-all" email account for zapMail set up



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May 30, 2012
I recently had to set up neoTerra's zapMail text-to-email gateway for a customer demo. This was my first time getting my feet wet so to speak with any ADP application beyond a couple of GPS or dispatch packages. I wanted to have it set up to be able to use anywhere, without necessarily interfacing to the customer's email servers for demo purposes. I didn't know what a 'catch-all' email account was, or hardly even where to begin. The fellows at neoTerra were helpful in explaining some of the basics to me, but was left on my own to get a catch-all email account set up, beyond "go to somewhere like GoDaddy to get a domain registered". I did a bit of research and decided to try it with a free 30-day Google Apps business account first. I have attached the document I created in the hopes it'll help others muddle their way through the same. I must say, once I had it set up, it was very cool to be able to send an email to my test radios from my smart phone, and reply back from them!

View attachment Setting up a catch all email with Google Apps.doc