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Trying to get started with an XTS3000



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Hey everyone, first let me start out by thanking everyone who contributes on the site, there is a ton of useful information. I was hesitant to post at first since I am new to this and was worried about being flamed, but Mars and Jay reassured me that this isn't RR :D.

Let me start out by telling you what my objective is. I do ride alongs with two police departments in my area. I am interested in monitoring the main channels for both during these ride alongs.

The first department is Delray Beach, FL:


The second department is Boynton Beach, FL:

Mars was kind enough to point me in the right direction on this: "
According to the information I was able to find, the system you monitor (for both PDs) is a Motorola Smartzone 3600bps network. The talkgroups from both PDs appear to be digital, without encryption."

Jay sold me a good XTS3000 radio that I will have next week and also gave me some good pointers. He wrote out a beginners list to get started but I'm stuck on number one.

1. Obtain the system key for the system in question.

I have read about generating your own system key at http://www.batlabs.com/syskey.html Though I haven't been able to find the mystery skeygen.exe anywhere. So my initial question is, how do I determine the system key?




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Feb 13, 2012
Alan - welcome to the board. You can most likely find the system ID in the database over at radioreference. Take a look at the counties for those departments.


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Thanks Jay,

I have the system key generated now. I was doing some reading at: http://www.freqofnature.com/SmartZone101.html

I read this section:

"In the example I used many paragraphs ago, talkgroup 800101 had radios affiliated on sites 1, 4, 11 & 17. These are the only sites that the Zone Controller will assign a channel for a conversation on talkgroup 800101. I'll get to the exception in a minute. If a subscriber radio is affiliated on one of these 4 sites, and "scanning" talkgroup 800101 but affiliated on another talkgroup, that radio will hear the conversation. If however that radio is on another site, they will not hear the conversation on "scan". As a TrunkTracker user, you will hear traffic on a given talkgroup only if there is a radio affiliated with that particular talkgroup at that time."

Two questions from this, first if my radio is not affiliated how will this effect the situation? Second is, if I understand this correctly, so long as there is another officer on the same tower as my radio on the main channel, I should hear everything right?

Thanks again to everyone!