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W3 mic element plug type ?

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Nov 29, 2012
What type of plug is on a W3 mic element ? It is the same plug used on a Waris CDM to plug the internal speaker into board on the control head. I robbed one from a CDM speaker to test a fix for the W3 hum and I would like to get some more of these.

I use a sheet of electromagnetic shield to stop the hum ,but during the heating and cooling of the truck it tends to slip from time to time so I tried another mod and it works so far. I robbed a mic element from a speaker mic and the plug from a CDM to make a much longer wire on the mic element. I did not measure it ,but it's about 3 or so inches long now. I still use the shield also. I made sharp bend at the plug and made a U shape toward the bottom and back to the place where the mic element goes through the board. It's clear as a bell !
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