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Wanted, Battery Suggestions, ASIII and XTS5K, Impres Preferred



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Feb 15, 2012
Hi all..... have done lots of searching and reading so have done my due diligence.

Right now I'm running:
  • Multiplier M4595H 7.5V 2700Mah NiMH on my Astro Saber III
  • Motorola Impres NNTN6034B 7.4V 4500Mah Li-ion on my XTS5000's.
Charger used for both is the single unit Impress, WPLN4117AR V3.90 firmware.

I'd love to go Impress on the ASIII but no point without the fuel gauge I reckon, what is the highest capacity Li-ion that I can get for the ASIII, prefer Motorola.

Are there any higher capacity Impress batteries for the XTS, higher than 4500 I have now, again OEM prefer.

Thanks everyone, your opinions are much appreciated.

Note: Not interested in the high cap Saber battery with the plug in charger port on the bottom, thanks.