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XTL1500 to XTL5000 remote mount conversion



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Obviously I'm aware most discussion about this dubious conversion cannot be stated here, per board rules, but I'm looking for some general information.

At work, we have several remote mount XTL5000s with W7 control heads. These radios appear to use the same control head, cable, and interface as the Astro Spectra line. I have all of this equipment from a trunk mount Astro Spectra that I converted to dash mount. The problem is that I don't understand how the Astro Spectra face plate connects to the chassis. Do the W series XTLs have a separate type of face plate? I am trying to plug the Astro Spectra face plate into an XTL1500 in the eventual hope to turn it into a remote mount W7 XTL5000.

Also, this is my first rodeo with XTL radios. I've avoided them like the plague because of typical initial costs. Should I choose to use an Of control head instead of the W7 I already have, what do I have to buy? I understand there is a special CHIB item that the control head plugs into, a special cable, and then something on the radio end, but what? Any part numbers? I would be looking for used/surplus, the money is not there for new!