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XTS2500 Encryption/Flashzap Upgrade Question



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I have a 2500 with a hardware encryption module, DES-OFB and XL, but do not use encryption, is there any advantage to enabling the checkbox for encryption in CPS or is it just easier to uncheck the "Secure Equipped" box? I do notice the radio does not allow narrowband on analog with Securenet options as "strapped or select" as it throws all sorts of invalid fields just checking the "Secure Equipped" box.

Seems to me as if they shouldn't just give you the option of "Secure Equipped" or not, just "Enable Secure" should be the choice if you have the hardware to do it.

Also, I'm assuming this hardware encryption is the UCM that is mentioned as not being upgraded with the Flashzap firmware updates?


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Oct 7, 2012
The Secure Equipped checkbox does cause the UCM to be flash-upgraded during the standard flashing process. If you have a UCM installed, you should be updating it to match the firmware you're installing.

Securenet (12Kbps CVSD) won't work on a narrowband channel - there just isn't enough bandwidth. Thus, if you have the channel set to select or strapped, the channel must be wideband.