XTS4000 Detailed & Basic Service Manuals



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Dec 21, 2011
The detailed service manual is on MOL; the basic one is not, and is a BITCH to find. It was donated by someone a little while back.

The basic contains all kinds of rare part numbers for the antennas, batteries, accessories, etc.

Attached as PDFs.

As a quick little side note: If you have a bricked 4K, please consider me for your servicing. I have the hardware tools to fix the radio, and have successfully repaired several in the past. I can also "adjust" the secure algorithms in the 4K, so all are available. (DES-OFB, DES-XL, DVP-XL, AES-256, ADP). Many 4Ks left the factory with blank UCMs or flashed for either DES or ADP only. The UCM is a special "hub" board near the microphone; it's present in all 4Ks regardless of whether the UCM is flashed for algorithms (active) or not. This is why you do not see 4K UCMs for sale -- it's an essential part of the radio -- not an accessory board, such as what's found in the 3000/5000/XTL, etc. mars@p25.ca


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