XTS5000 Case Disassembly



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Apr 25, 2012
I'm trying re-case an XTS5000, and need to move the guts (speaker, flex, control bracket assemebly) from old to new case. How the heck do you remove the "controls bracket assembly" (the parts underneath the volume/channel knobs)? I've already removed the knobs and all other external parts.

The BSM says only:
8.8.3 Disassemble the Housing Assembly
8. Using a thin, flat-bladed screwdriver, unsnap the left snap of the controls bracket assembly
(34) first, then unsnap the right snap.
9. Remove the controls bracket assembly (34).

For #8 above, is it referring to the white tabs in the middle right next to each other? If so, is there a technique as my attempts feel like I'm about to break them. Or is there something to unsnap on the sides of the whole assembly? Can anyone shed some light here?